It was all a dream.

DRMN BG Clothing Company is a Des Moines based casual wear company whose goal is to inspire others by providing something positive and everlasting. Our name is what we stand for. We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations, right? This is ours. 

DRMN BG creates limited edition, hand printed apparel. Instead of producing massive quantities of apparel with the goal of filling our pockets, we produce our apparel in limited quantities. Take pride in knowing that when you don your DRMN BG, you are wearing something special and unique. You are one of a few that will ever wear that specific design or colorway. This is our passion and we want to pass it on to you. We want to inspire, help others, motivate and make people smile. Embrace being unique. 

A Little History...

The dream of owning a clothing business began in 2006, our college years. Our first shirt design was a random duck logo which became popular among friends, family and associates. We had no design or business experience but a dream was born.

The duck now appears periodically on DRMN BG apparel. What does the duck symbolize? To us, the duck reminds us to chase our dreams and to inspire others in the process. Today, the duck symbolizes taking a risk, trying something new, starting an adventure and, most of all, pursue your dreams.

Imagine the feeling of your wildest dreams coming true. Our mission is to inspire you to turn those dreams into a reality.