DRMN BG Supply Co is a lifestyle supply brand whose goal is to inspire others to DREAM BIG. Step outside the norms of everyday life and pursue your passions.

DRMN BG creates limited edition, hand printed apparel. Instead of producing massive quantities of apparel with the goal of filling our pockets, we produce our apparel in limited quantities. Take pride in knowing that when you don your DRMN BG, you are wearing something unique. 

A Little History...

The dream of creating a clothing business began in 2006, the college years. A few friends and I had a random duck figure that was brought along to social gatherings. The duck always brought happiness, laughter and good fortune to those in it's presence.

I thought it would be cool to create a shirt featuring an illustration of the duck but I had no graphic design experience. Taping a photo to a window and tracing around the duck (true story), I was able to come up with a concept. This would be the first shirt I would ever design and  I realized my dream for designing apparel and creating a clothing line.

The duck is now the official mascot of DRMN BG Supply Co. As I came up with the DRMN BG concept, I wanted the brand to have a mascot and the duck was a perfect fit since he helped me realize my dream. Today, the duck symbolizes the same happiness and good fortune he brought to people back then. And he's also a reminder that your dream could be right around the corner.

Imagine the feeling of your wildest dreams coming true. Our mission is to inspire you to turn those dreams into a reality.

Scott Krava