Streetwear and Des Moines Collide

We’ve been working with Fugitive Apparel Co on a new line of Des Moines specific streetwear items including the newly released Contenders hoodie, which is available now in store or online at Fugitive Apparel Co.

The inspiration stems from the uniforms worn by Team USA in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. The 1992 Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, nicknamed the Dream Team (our favorite hashtag), was one of the greatest basketball teams to represent the United States on the Olympic stage. Not only were they an unbeatable squad, their uniforms were top notch.

Although, there isn’t a direct Iowa or Des Moines tie to the Dream Team (Mike Krzyzewski nearly came to Iowa State), we felt this design would be well received around the metro and so far, it has. Go pick one up!

Scott Krava