Do You Have Daily Reminders?

“Despite living in an increasingly digital world, there are a few things I still like to keep as physical reminders. So every time I see an exhibition, I make a pit stop at the museum gift shop to buy a postcard of something that inspired me.”
-- Ruzwana Bashir

When I write these daily messages I try my best to keep them short, because most of you are very busy and do not have time to read long emails every morning regardless of whether you like them or not.
I also strive to keep them simple, because what these messages are meant to be are reminders. A lot of the concepts that I talk about you already know, but the value of the email is in calling them to your attention, because we all tend to be distracted by the day-in day-out stresses of your life.
It is important to find ways to remind yourself throughout the day of what it is that’s important to you and what you have set out to accomplish. Otherwise you will be at the mercy of circumstances and other people. For example, I carry a small glass stone with the word "Joy" on it in my pocket. It's a way of both honoring my mom, Joy, who passed away a few months ago, as well as reminding myself that I want to be joyful in how I approach my life.
Today, find ways to remind yourself of how you want to be. What mindset in the morning did you want to live from today? What did you say your priorities would be? Make sure to keep them front and center.
Win Your Day!
Steve Gilbert
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