How to Build and Maintain Credibility as a Leader


For Leaders to be credible, they must know "their stuff." Ethics speak louder than words, so therefore every Leader needs to learn how to: 

Delegate appropriately. 

Tame the ego. 

Stay in control of your emotions. 

Remain logical, reasonable and consistent. 

Honor confidences. 

Help people avoid embarrassment. 

Avoid threatening or being threatened. 

Keep your sense of humor while striving for perfection. 

And remember; always try to be the boss you wish you had! 

Be A Legendary Leader Today...Walk the Talk! 

Culture eats vision for Lunch and Leadership starts with you! You are either Coaching culture or you are allowing it to happen, there is no in-between". - The Legacy Builder 

As leaders let's make where we work AWESOME! 

Scott Krava