Do You Have a Beginner's Mind?

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.” 
-- Shunryu Suzuki

We all get into ruts in our lives. Even routines that once served us well can turn into ruts if we’re not vigilant. 

You can tell the difference between whether your routines have morphed into ruts by asking yourself, “If I were starting from scratch, is this the way I would design my routine?” 

It’s helpful to ask that question often and in every area of your life. Think about the implications at work if managers looked at their business processes and asked, “If we weren’t already doing things this way, would we choose to do it like this?” 

Ask the question when it comes to how you interact with your spouse, significant other, or friends. 

If you find the answer to the question is no, don’t waste time beating yourself up for doing it that way, simply design a new routine, process, or approach. 

Today, remember that it’s important to regularly look at things with a beginner’s mind, which opens you up to possibilities and growth. 

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Steve Gilbert 

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