The DRMN BG Podcast - Episode 15 - Brad Argo

A big dreamer and an executor, Brad Argo has moved houses, formed a successful adventure company and turned his passion for ping pong into a beloved game lounge for all to enjoy. In this episode, we explore how Brad takes big ideas and successfully brings them to life.

What they're sayin'...

"It's easy to have exciting ideas, but only someone like Argo can have exciting ideas and bring them to fruition. He's driven, tenacious, and can see the big picture." - Justin Mandelbaum

"Brad looks for what's next and is always looking to improve his projects even if they are already successful. I would also say most of the projects he is involved in are not only business venture but passion projects so the commitment and attention to detail is there." - Mike Utley

"Brad creatively pursues his passions and learns how to be an expert at them. He carefully focuses on specific concepts and industries and possesses the drive to do them better than anyone else. On top of this he is a tireless promoter and supporter of causes and people he believes in." - Zach Mannheimer

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