Inside is a weekly feature where we tell you what we've been up to this past week. Sharing new ideas, music discoveries, books, products and other content we feel is share-worthy. 

Here we go...


  • I am kicking around the idea of creating a DRMN BG Adult Coloring Book featuring outlined designs from our first few years in business. If the thought of busting out your markers (or buying a set of Crayola's) and coloring sounds crazy, you'd be surprised at how relaxing this kindergarten activity can be.
  • DRMN BG Dream Planner. I am looking to combine the best of the best from all the planners / goal setting guides out there to create an all encompassing dream planner that allows you to formulate a day by day game-plan to bring your dreams to life.
  • Palm Tree Pattern Hats. Who doesn't associate palm trees with warm weather, sandy beaches and fruity umbrella drinks? Dream vacation.
  • We've got a new set of graphic tees ready to go into production.


  •  I just finished listening to The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and I've got to say, it's got me fired up about the future of DRMN BG. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Next Up: Deep Work by Cal Newport
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During intense exercise, I've been trying to shift my focus from "Shit, this is tough" to "This is what you need to get stronger". We all reach that make or break point in our workouts and it's easy to let off the gas and coast when you do and the more often you relax, the more likely you are to keep doing it moving forward. Try to change your mindset and embrace difficulty. 


We recently recorded an episode with Anthony Maldonado, a local music engineer, which was  a great conversation. I am excited to share Anthony's story next Friday. Next week, Katy Doughty of Riverbend Sport & Social Club and Melissa Carlson and Rachel Abel of 818 Design join the show next week. If you have any recommendations for the show, send them to us here.


Also, Cullen Powers, John Bosley and I were on the Murph and Andy Show on Thursday. Check it out.


I'll keep this one quick and simple. The redesigned Lakers jerseys are SHARP. I am a huge fan of the switch back to the Showtime Lakers style. Matching logo and number color, the return of the drop shadow and they got rid of that awful V-neck style.


A few tracks I caught myself bobbing my head to this week:


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Scott Krava