Day 12: Strengthening Your Discipline Muscle – The DRMN BG Challenge

Day 12: Strengthening Your Discipline Muscle – The DRMN BG Challenge

Welcome to Day 12 of the DRMN BG Challenge. Today, we’re diving into a key principle that underpins all successful dream pursuits - discipline.

Discipline is often misunderstood, sometimes viewed as restrictive or harsh. But in reality, discipline is a powerful tool. It's the unwavering commitment to yourself, a testament to your dedication to achieving your dreams.

Building discipline is akin to strengthening a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. As part of the DRMN BG Challenge, you're flexing your discipline muscle each day as you dedicate time to your dream, workout, hydrate, practice mindfulness, read, and more.

If you find maintaining discipline challenging, start small. Focus on tasks that you can manage easily and grow from there. Every task you complete - no matter how minor - contributes to your dream and strengthens your discipline muscle.

But what if you falter? Remember, resilience is key. Use setbacks as learning opportunities, adjust your approach, and come back stronger. Consistency, even in the face of adversity, builds discipline.

Discipline isn’t about punishing yourself for missteps or deprivation, it’s about making a pact with yourself to keep moving towards your dreams, no matter what.

The DRMN BG Challenge is not just about achieving a dream in 90 days. It’s about cultivating habits like discipline that will set you up for a lifetime of success in achieving your dreams.

Continue this journey with us, and remember, your dreams are within reach. It's time to bridge the gap between goal-setting and goal-getting!
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