We've made some changes to our Dream Team program and now it's much easier to earn free gear! For a limited time, we're giving away coffee mugs, shirts, hats, hoodies and more to the dreamers that help spread the word about DRMN BG.

Surely, someone has asked you about your DRMN BG gear, right? - now's your chance to share what DRMN BG means to you and why you love our gear! Help spread the word, earn free apparel and save your friends and family some money.

All existing DRMN BG customers and Dream Team members automatically receive a free custom sponsor link. Share your sponsor link with friends and family using e-mail, text, social media, etc. Anytime someone subscribes to using your link, you get a referral. The more referrals your link gets, the better the prize! All they have to do is enter their name and an e-mail address and you know we only send about 12 e-mails per year. ;)

On top of that, we're giving a 15% off discount code to anyone that uses your custom sponsor link. Not only are you sharing your love for DRMN BG, but you're also providing your friends and family with a discount - Win, win, win!

Here's what's on the line:

Existing DRMN BG customers are automatically enrolled in the program. New enrollees will receive a custom code to share. Once your code hits a milestone, we'll be in touch to send you your free gear!

Proven methods to get referrals

  • Social Media: Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, whatever you’re into. We hear Facebook works best.
  • Office: Share your link in a company wide email. Give the whole company something to discuss daily.
  • Text and email: Copy and paste your link into a text or email. Or, simply mass email your link to any of your contacts
  • In college?: Student organizations is a great places to spread the word

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