Founded in 2014, DRMN BG™ was created to encourage individuals to break free from the norms of everyday life and chase their dreams with relentless passion.

We stand for the power of expression and empowerment through style, urging you to defy the ordinary and pursue your dreams with everything you've got. It's our mission to fuel your journey to be the ultimate you, armed with nothing but your attitude and effort. Greatness? It's for the bold, the ones who dare to be different and strive to be their best selves.

Driven by our core values - integrity, grit, self-belief, creativity, and the unwavering conviction that no dream is too far if you never quit, DRMN BG™ is about making a statement, not just making clothes. Our designs shout out loud, blending sports vibes and vintage aesthetics with a twist, crafting timeless pieces that don't just stand out but stand for something.

The heart of DRMN BG™ beats with our founder's vision, who ensures every piece carries a spark of inspiration and meticulous care. Our designs? They're shouts, not whispers, pulling from the raw energy of sports and the timeless vibe of vintage teamwear, all while breaking molds to forge wear that's as audacious as our mission.

DRMN BG™ is more than wearing something cool; it's wearing your ambition, your heart, your unwavering resolve. It's chosen by dreamers from every sphere – athletes to artists, entrepreneurs to entertainers – anyone who's ever believed that their dreams are worth the hustle.

Join us at DRMN BG™ – where we don't just dream; we live our dreams out loud.