Video Submission Guidelines

1. Video Content Requirements:

  • Theme and Focus: Each video should focus on the participant's progress towards their dream. This may include sharing milestones, challenges faced, learning points, and next steps.
  • Creativity and Presentation: While the video's content is crucial, the way you present your progress (e.g., storytelling, video quality, engagement) will also be considered in the judging process.

2. Video Format and Quality:

  • Length: Each video must be between 1 to 5 minutes long. This ensures sufficient detail while keeping the content engaging.
  • Resolution: Videos should be submitted in at least 720p resolution, but 1080p is preferred for optimal viewing quality.
  • File Format: Acceptable formats include MP4, MOV, and AVI. Please ensure your video file is not larger than 500MB for ease of uploading.

3. Submission Process:

  • How to Submit: Videos should be uploaded to your own YouTube channel, social media platform, or any accessible cloud storage service (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox).
  • Submission Link: After uploading, participants must submit the direct link to the video via the official Dream Builder Challenge submission form provided during registration.

4. Deadlines and Scheduling:

  • Weekly Submission: Each video must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the last day of each challenge week. The specific dates will be provided in the challenge timetable.
  • Late Submissions: Videos submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and may result in disqualification from the challenge.

5. Content Guidelines:

  • Appropriateness: Ensure all content is appropriate for a general audience. Videos must not contain explicit language, offensive material, or promote unethical or harmful activities.
  • Originality: All submitted videos must be created by the participant. Use of copyrighted or third-party content without permission is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

6. Identification:

  • Marking Videos: Clearly state your name or username and the title "Dream Builder Challenge Week [number]" at the beginning of each video.
  • Hashtags: Use the hashtag #DreamBuilderChallenge in the video description or post to ensure it is easily identifiable and searchable by the organizers.

7. Privacy and Permissions:

  • Personal Information: Avoid sharing overly personal information or sensitive details in your videos.
  • Third-Party Permissions: If you include other individuals in your video, ensure you have their permission to feature them in a public submission.