DRMN BG™ ATHLTC CLB: Summer Miles Challenge

DRMN BG™ ATHLTC CLB: Summer Miles Challenge

The Summer Miles Challenge is designed to encourage members of the DRMN BG ATHLTC CLB to stay active and motivated throughout the summer. Participants can run, walk, or cycle to accumulate miles, aiming to reach their personal bests in a fun and supportive environment. This challenge is suitable for all fitness levels, with different goals set to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

Challenge Details:

  • Duration: July 6th to July 31st
  • Activity Types: Running, Walking, Cycling
  • Tracking: Participants will use Strava to log their miles. Ensure your activities are recorded and synced with the club's Strava group to count towards the challenge.
  • Goals:
    • Beginner Goal: 50 miles
      • Ideal for those new to running, walking, or cycling regularly. Aim to complete approximately 1.6 miles per day to meet this goal by the end of the month.
    • Intermediate Goal: 100 miles
      • Suitable for those who are already active and want to push their limits. This requires an average of about 3.2 miles per day.
    • Advanced Goal: 150 miles or more
      • Designed for seasoned athletes looking to maintain or increase their endurance. Target over 4.8 miles per day.

How to Participate:

  1. Join the DRMN BG ATHLTC CLB on Strava: If you haven't already, join the club to connect with fellow members and track your progress.
  2. Log Your Miles: Every run, walk, or bike ride counts! Make sure to record each activity on Strava.
  3. Share Your Progress: Use the hashtag #DRMNBGSummerMiles on Instagram, X, or Facebook to share your journey and stay connected with the community.

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Community Spirit Award: Awarded to the participant who is most active in encouraging others and sharing their progress on social media.

Tips for Success:

  • Stay Hydrated: Always carry water, especially on longer sessions.
  • Plan Your Routes: Explore new trails or routes to keep your activities exciting.
  • Rest and Recover: Balance your efforts with adequate rest to avoid injuries.

This challenge is not just about hitting mileage goals; it's about building a supportive community, enhancing your fitness level, and enjoying the journey. Let's make this summer memorable with every mile counting towards personal greatness!

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