#9 Bi-Weekly Progress Assessments

Conducting a bi-weekly progress assessment is a vital part of the DRMN BG™ Challenge. By evaluating your progress, achievements, challenges, and areas needing improvement, you'll be able to adjust your approach and optimize your growth and development. This document provides guidelines and tips for conducting effective bi-weekly progress assessments.

Bi-Weekly Progress Assessment Guidelines:

  1. Schedule your assessments:
    • Set aside time every two weeks to conduct a thorough assessment of your progress, achievements, challenges, and areas needing improvement.
    • Choose a consistent day and time for your assessments, making them a regular part of your challenge routine.
  2. Evaluate your progress:
    • Review the steps and milestones you've outlined for your dream, assessing how much progress you've made towards each goal.
    • Identify any obstacles or setbacks you've encountered and consider possible solutions or adjustments to overcome them.
  3. Reflect on your achievements:
    • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and milestones you've reached during the past two weeks.
    • Use your successes as motivation to continue working towards your dream with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
  4. Identify challenges and areas needing improvement:
    • Recognize any challenges or areas where you may be struggling or falling short of your expectations.
    • Consider possible adjustments or new strategies to address these challenges and improve your progress.
  5. Adjust your approach:
    • Based on your assessment, determine any changes that need to be made to your approach, strategies, or habits to optimize your growth and development.
    • Implement these adjustments and monitor their effectiveness in future progress assessments.

Bi-Weekly Progress Assessment Tips:

  1. Be honest with yourself:
    • Approach your progress assessments with honesty and objectivity, acknowledging both your achievements and areas needing improvement.
    • Recognize that setbacks and challenges are natural parts of the journey and use them as opportunities for growth and learning.
  2. Use a progress journal:
    • Keep a progress journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and insights during your bi-weekly assessments.
    • Review your journal entries regularly to track your growth and maintain focus on your dream.
  3. Seek feedback from your support network:
    • Engage with your mentor, accountability partner, or like-minded community during your progress assessments to gain additional insights and perspectives.
    • Be open to constructive feedback and use it to inform your adjustments and improvements.
  4. Stay flexible and adaptable:
    • Embrace the need for change and adaptation throughout your journey, recognizing that your approach may need to evolve as you progress towards your dream.

By conducting thorough bi-weekly progress assessments during the DRMN BG™ Challenge, you'll maintain a clear understanding of your achievements, challenges, and areas needing improvement.

These assessments will enable you to adjust your approach and optimize your growth and development, ultimately increasing your chances of successfully achieving your dream.

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